Alcoholic liver disease as a public health problem

Mária Assoc. Prof. Belovičova,MD. PhD


Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) – the most common cause of advanced liver disease in Europe. The average alcohol consumption in the world is 6.13 l of pure alcohol per person older than 15 years, in Slovakia it is 13.3 l of pure alcohol per person. The rising trend of alcohol consumption among children and young people in Slovakia is alarming. According to data from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, in 2011, one Slovak older than 15 years of age drank on average up to 4.5 liters of pure alcohol. In Slovakia we observe an increasing trend of alcoholic hepatitis in increasingly younger age groups, deaths including. Alcohol is the leading cause of more than 200 diseases and injuries, early work inability and mortality. Elimination of alcohol dependence would significantly contribute to the reduction of preventable liver diseases worldwide. In the article the author presents risk factors of alcoholic liver disease, brief diagnostic, clinical symptoms, treatment and patients’ prognosis.

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